Case details

Court: gand
Docket #: 1:12-cv-03839
Case Name: First Time Videos, LLC v. Chambless
PACER case #: 188997
Date filed: 2012-11-01
Date terminated: 2012-12-21
Date of last filing: 2012-12-27
Assigned to: Judge Amy Totenberg
Case Cause: 28:1338 Copyright Infringement
Nature of Suit: 820 Copyright
Jury Demand: Plaintiff
Jurisdiction: Federal Question


Represented Party Attorney & Contact Info
First Time Videos, LLC
Jacques Nazaire
AF Holdings, LLC Suite 300 125 Town Park Drive Kennesaw, GA 30144 415-325-5900 Email:

Danny Chambless


Date Filed Document # Attachment # Short Description Long Description Upload date SHA1 hash
2012-11-01 1 0 Complaint COMPLAINT with Jury Demand filed by First Time Videos, LLC. Consent form to proceed before U.S. Magistrate and pretrial instructions provided. ( Filing fee $ 350.00 receipt number 113E-4241237.) (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit A, # 2 Civil Cover Sheet)(eop) Please visit our website at to obtain Pretrial Instructions. (Entered: 11/05/2012)
2012-11-02 2 0 Electronic Summons Issued Electronic Summons Issued as to Danny Chamblee. (eop) (Entered: 11/05/2012)
2012-11-06 3 0 Guidelines for Discovery and Motion Practice Guidelines to Parties and Counsel in Cases Proceeding Before The Honorable Amy Totenberg. Signed by Judge Amy Totenberg on 11/6/12. (hfm) (Entered: 11/07/2012)
2012-11-17 4 0 Corporate Disclosure Statement Corporate Disclosure Statement by First Time Videos, LLC by First Time Videos, LLC.(Nazaire, Jacques) (Entered: 11/17/2012)
2012-12-21 5 0 Notice of Voluntary Dismissal NOTICE of Voluntary Dismissal of Action Without Prejudice filed by First Time Videos, LLC (Nazaire, Jacques) (Entered: 12/21/2012) 2013-01-03 04:51:00 c24af0ba6ffb561e5bc350a65fe3be60de50660c
2012-12-27 6 0 Remark AO-121 mailed to Register of Copyrights, Copyright Office, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. 20559. (bdb) (Entered: 12/27/2012) 2013-01-03 04:51:50 dfd03a83644307ed3f9b0b96b08eba3e98539247