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PART III (1887-1898)

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A Note on the Sources

The pages which have been filmed are the best copies available. Every technical effort possible has been made to ensure legibility.


Reel duplication of the whole or of any part of this film is prohibited. In lieu of transcripts, however, enlarged photocopies of selected items contained on these reels may be made in order to facilitate research.

1889. Mining - Foreign (D-89-52)

This folder contains correspondence and other documents relating to mining and ore milling in Canada, Chile, Europe, and New Zealand. Some of the items deal with inquiries about Edison’s ore milling and processing machinery. Other documents pertain to ore samples sent to Edison from various sources. Among the correspondents are Osgood S. Wiley, an Edison agent in the United Kingdom who was dismissed in 1889; James Dredge, the coeditor of Engineering ; and S. J. Ritchie, a businessman seeking to utilize Edison’s ore milling process in Canada.

Approximately 60 percent of the documents have been filmed. The following categories of documents have not been filmed: routine

correspondence regarding foreign mining properties and ore samples sent to Edison for assay; correspondence about Alfred O. Tate’s Canadian business dealings with George D. Dickson and W. H. Dean; letters of transmittal; duplicate copies of selected documents.

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,, ™un, ohio, January intn, mug.

Mr Thomas A. Edison

Dear Sir: .

■rith your request when at our office ive sent you, by express, to-day, a san- <C the iron ore, with which you said iperiments. This is the same kind of -r y°«r agents at Coo Hill, in Canada, y experimented*

wpios or the copper and nickel ores o us, and upon receipt or them will e also of the matte v/e are now nal>

.s, , . \ .. \ W / - - of this oity who is largely inter¬

ested H -hoi offcper Mid nickel nines.and. the iron mines with wh<ch Afe are c Annefcted , is Aow in New York, and desires the privilege or calling you ni^l pursuing the conversation wo had with you at our oi.ioe. Ho has boon at -your place some 5 or c times, but has been unable to see you. We trust that you will he so kind as to fnmlT h1''' R sh"rt interview, for we have several metallurgical prol^ si'1 connection with these ores that are of vital importance to



ddk"j\ Ihdd \J (farm— A e*M. l/\~ ds\rkt-~

Telephone No. 3063.


:jj/r?:/j H)u-ju.ia.\tii.m.\h' a.vd jam ns dhkhgk.

0* J^kryvT^rrrLc&Aksj ^vrrdfafa' .

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^rSjv/u/f'/)'. me.

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/h hy f^C2^sly

etruic, m: tfc~ W~Ay i/^_ ofar^rv^^ <T~ .



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O^n D- [fc. ^(/-d/L ~



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<x (at<uml k~ h/}.

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Gk^C fo-t/n, Q^ris-



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<2A~ a? S^L^e_a^ aL^--y^

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^txj^cLe^- 0&Z*>£ c^ ,

gC^o C/y-^ cll*c£, oz^c&_ ^£7

7^ /U^_G. fe— <sz<_^, Zj&gr&r^

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<>k*jZ^~i) i^uL

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^ /ka^tl Ia46<~. ■4^\,&\suj^isy^ Cj

°ri^v) invb. 0*vfKC*j , ct-<pr>~ ty\Pf. J trwyt


Roams, 9 and 10 Wade Block, No, 10 B Superior St,

/oA^JLsrU., (Gqn. 39 1889.

Edison's Laboratory,

Orange, N. J.


While in New York I ordered the Superintendent of tho Central Ontario Ry. , to ship to me at O&ange , N. J. , a barrel of Titanium iron *re. I had it shipped in my name so that the parties there would get no clue as to what we are wo rking on.

Y/hen it arrives at Newark please take charge of it , treat it , etc., reporting the results to us. If it isr. necessary for you to have any other ordei* than this to get it , please inform me and I will send whatever order is necessary.




-=~2 (wv/tms. 1KC.

S- a.

f^u^- (favttziJ, r4r *■<**& -/&r~-

.tfu. .

}!> /yvc&sutry ^faisufa* si^n^A

C/Z£-*£' i y ^jv/- /WtW^ ~2>&aj

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^ w*,; ^ ^E-

fx- aj if- Jp ifew . J si* W~ fafarvY p JfiZU- jtfa 'yhst^Kc/

jU>U A, ^4 tratuf^-vz ,a./u«JL -’^f ^W- J RyCZsJv^t '/k 4X~l4< V?~


<<Lcowl~, (pvt*' t 'Pv~rt*. A*

i>lu' 'T-UaXaj J-yv y*r^1

-tvJ- , /W o4l^U- k* <svt~6- l^LUvPyfa pvU^t'r fa

^ 4 Emji/sfr fa faux

fa &A- AEU. ^W t*-ryU+ Z>/{*-,

** rrtr^u^e., fa A^~< •’ &****).*£*■

tvrrflX. AX AjrAn Ltwfa p ,OaslX- KV~A &j%Zi yy* Ar-rruM. fa M- fa ./faXAi^

Shfafrfa, Af'& tfa. ^yuTujLfa^ fa ^




,yC '

•-d&wttM (Qf/sjcw,

w'yt'Sfy f - //<¥<$

Coo:( <?«.j. c‘ll.0^

allcMcT^jl^fOOO - Slo 1 4^0 <*vs_ w »'**-«

u0 us on. w'jucIva SU>o fov» °‘

(Lr-i^o ^v^cTitr- k^vcc p

jrclUj ^Ucb 1***3. ca~f

1 ^4C^C

I dnv k-t-vcL^U

2- ^ (Pa x xd « 1 c j «■ q i ^ ' -> _ v

Uv. la <. ic hir;Uc-j (■“=

.:/ ^ ,f (U

@^ya C.L : '. f jvK

^ Sta&fafa^

LLpf; ffv/w

J (./<. r.T ji .-'P <-. .p oo. V'

4tfc aiu locft-t. v-«.(« « c^vG.'« Sf ( o ,f £r lU1

Co |o-< loco. >, 6“ " •■ ^

rtfCuev^o C^jusrt -v^u t

«ce ikw k~

0. £>„ t^rf-iar P^ j<T 7" , (,,

aJw /•••'• waijv- u. ‘7^-1, 7 ^rfl>

^ ,„„,-rtr3 J(L o._,,'oCr




John CtJiiiEY § Sons,


8b y.

*. '&7>~v * /Z^C-

s-z^- ^6^ 7#<--*-^2^-u£c/ ’/?c~C£*0'


fw-—s ^Cc-Y- (^r-^

| - - TA^. /y

I ^t''<--^^ -<v

I cu-^y- -2^^^

^-y frs-**y*


lij^on ilou^e 13,” N’oi‘tl\mnbeillh,itcl Svei\ue,


A \ w.c. Peb.etlj. 1889.

T.AiEdis on Esqr.

Orange, N.J.

Dear Edison,

Re Mr. Wiley's account.

Referring to your letter of 811(1 Mr* Wiley's ver¬

bal statement to-day that you had now received a proper statement of his account from himself, I have, in accordance with your re¬ quest, drawn upon you for the amount of my advances to Mr. Wiley as per account already rendered: the draft being forwarded to Messrs Drexell Morgan & Co., of New York, for collection. Mr& Wi¬ ley has just been to me for further advances upon the ground that material which he has bought and which was to be delivered within a few hours c.o.d. , would not bo left unless ho paid for it, and he could not get toe money from Mr. Dredge as he was not at his office, and did not know when he would be there. X explained to Mr. Wiley that you had requested me to make him advances, and more- overyou had, from your letter, not appeared to have appreciated

the motive which prompted me to put myself t> the inconvenience of making him advances in the first instance. Thereupon Mr. Wiley explained id me the exceedingly unpleasant and unsatisfactory re¬ lations that he had with Mr. Dredge and that he had recently been obliged to borrow *15 or so from some comparative strangerin order to meet the payments incidental to the erection of the Ore Milling apparatus. Of course you may think that this is nobusiness of nine, but when I point out to you the reason why itis a matter of concern to noyou nay think differently. Mr. Wilv is here in con¬ nection with sons business of yours in which r have nofaing whatever to do. it is true, but at the same time, everybody will naturally suppose that I have something to do with it, and whether I have or not, you are known to have something to do with it and so, your credit, primarily, and mine, by induction, is equally involved in any question of credit concerning Mr. Wiley's operations here. The recent complications with Mr. Dredge and Mr. Wiley compel me to say that if Mr. Wiley is to proceed here with this Ore Milling business as no doubt he is to do, you should have a satisfactory under¬ standing with Mr. Wiley and Mr. Dredge, and make provision for Mr. Wiley s expenses, so as to save all concerned from discredit .

I objected to make Mr. Wiley any advance in faith of your request that I should not do so, but he put his case so strongly that there seemed to be no alternative on my part but to advance him the small

amount required, (and the smaller the amount the greater the scan¬ dal in this case,)which I have accordingly done.

I sincerely trust that there will bo no complications here, arising out of the Oro Milling buiiness, that may prejudice the Phonograph, which, together with your name, is so conspicuous¬ ly before the public, that anybody could do almost anything, having your authority. The greatest danger of all, in a matter of this kind, with a man of the admited inexperience of Mr. Wiley, is the falling into the hands of undesirable people. I wish not to be un¬ derstood as making any criticism on Mr. Wiley to his prejudice or otherwis-e, nor as to his fitness or unfitness for the work he is doing, my;. only solicitude is for your greater interest, as con¬ cerns the Phonograph and my own interest consequent thereon.

Faithfully Yours,


^leio6e4.y.'°^?cuLtitv ('"^afccata) SoCct ^xbiaetloii/ @ontpcuvijy, iiuivufced.

UTTERMOST*** ffSSrtJ/ Offices ,t,Jto(uy WorAf:-


. . 50<J^


~^ze4^ /^e2e^C>.



TVilu. tAjfZEL nja^ c^^CCy 7^r^f ^ TXO^r

Yh*^> YVoLuj aJ^ui -t^k^

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ko^x. nr^kJ^.^ r <2 o-mIa^ -£— 1 ^

T'Vo-'v'fC*. ^ '"T^g-

'/ft-L~tLx~^_ _^>0’9~~ (L+aM Xh-^jtL 2sf~

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* ~fr£*x^*r - Q) W-f *.

^ - ^ ^ ^ ~~ AN-&caJL_ 9^

rft- ^«c ov^ -M- rfe

^ -^.m*_ mo( - <3 *X^VJ -*.- ^

jb^XXjLA^ 6-^

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^cu-— <l*-*(L o(^ ^j>f-


. , /w- «./ finite. w

O^iaacJ-a ^ A~

Arvyitt. jforj /yvasjm, Jp'TWo ,

^ry~ irto/y*' ^i#y} /V^.#y- Z&AAy^is?^

e/^t^- <^>^WC^/- t££o

Y£. '?hslj*£t/~ , (7< Asi^v/ nsun AstJtsts,/

y~y, #wl J ^W ..**■ ^Z Y^at^ \

Ac^eUt^ Yy Oc^Ay oC^yie^ An, _

Jr**A- ,. ■. ,j<c'S- * J~y~ - *





k-tOAM-e. \S As*t~ fi ^*- A/l^tt. Zr /> &isi*aCe~. &-

J>'t^^y<u- . /f*y- J ^ s2~»y-

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vwy s&y^t aA-uyt 4*

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/W^^^msz^ . o^ & tpy J

#~ t>Y» , n^uuYfir ^ j^ia^- "4*1*aX-g ta/**

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^v- Asruy fcrr^YYd- t/ ^ u*y 'ZaYU

/ffr’dy fiuZYA#A jrttAnsX. StW*Z-~ ^ Zyy~ fit#) (MAn/vCm, y* ^Ay

Z. tYesisYayi' exAAZy y£n hjZwifi/u*-, ■#iW-'Ya#^

' s

fivutfT /l*7 /o./t-M,^

Y~ Yiaa~\ , <y *y~ Y%x

OA%y~ 'i-c/.a/z^m^ d K&42- ^ 4W j

tCy Bear Tate:

I have your favor of the fath. I certainly think you night to write a letter to Mr. Dredge in Mr. Edison's name, approving >f what he has done. I think it in a mistake to go to this expense it the moment in London, but it has been started and under these cir- iumstances the only thing to be done is to pay for it, and the first •hing to do is to assure the man who is attending to the matter that .t will ce paid for.

Yours very trilnly,

i^-ltru- - / '-^-tuUotyJ J\SL

3 CclAJU, VTUl *=£, J-^-cOf J. _

*- *£z caj^

^ 3 oU.<_

^ ^ ■**<.*, fa** ,/

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TTUr~ *u

Mr. -£> £V.l^ *

mn^CklL^ _ <Lq ^

0_CT>-9 . <L^fe£^ ^ OVo^CtTcC “Zf x|

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-h“~fa ar^o J gc^f” Acfe-"

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Teleph^g No. 3663.


v Ju.r/srjtA TED WKVJU.r jouhnal,

rijiirh jn- mujAM n.MAir a.yj> James hr ruck.

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tv-'L* Ao,

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Fifth Avenue Hotel,

To .

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ENGINEERING, LONDON., wl.r / r.WKTHATF. J) WHKKIY JomtNAl.., Telephone N? 3663 . m iiii.r./.tM ;/..i/,nr axuj.imim mikim;/:. j





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T. w. CORNELL A*res

Q&nct&iaw (Bopped Oompai'M^,



cfioom 10 e^abc c&focft,

9lo. 108 Su-pcxloz- Street.

I^L^o-dLa- vt-eL, (3 ...Apr.-io/.isas.. .

Thoa. A. Edison, Esq., Vj0<rv>-oX -h.

Orange, N. J. J

Ji l-rr'lio. 1

Dear Sir!" X.

Mr. Hitohie haa talked ) with us generally about . ^

<K:»- J-Z&Z Co-frU^-^

the efforts and experiment* you /'have been making with

- :

regard to the separation of" nickel and copper contained in our ores at Sudbury* aX^C C-<*— c^i «*» ~ £T I suppose

only repeating what he has often said S

to you during the time he has been there, that what we want and most desire is the ability to produce metallic nickel at substantially the same price that it costs to produce copper. There does not seem to be any good reason why this ought not to be done, and there is only one thing necessary and that is, how to do it.

The question of refining works is immediately upon us and it will be impossible for us to defer putting them in process of erection. It is, therefore, of the utmost importance that whatever you can do towards perfecting what wo desire, an indicated above, should be done at the earliest moment possible. We want a furnace separation of these metals whioh will give us quick results. The slow processes used in the leaching process are in many respects very ob.ieotion- able. The whole matter between you and us may be put in

T. A. E. 2

two questions; What oan you do? How soon oan you do it? Wo will be glad to hear from you at once.

Yours Truly,

'fia Caa&diafl Sajpa ft.

^ dJU*/k .

■'■ -r' -

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.^pam‘!:J. ' ;

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"S'C'-A^q -



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'<H*t O'^'Z-pe^c 'c t&' iz?. ^zz-c z?~iu? o>~

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L£^<-e- , K?

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Telephone No. 3683. r

Kuiii.u m niiUAM if.M.ur axd sami:s j>hkd(,t..

fiaf /&St/ &/, /a 0 : , , /> M#SS 4 X/ Xg X. X ^

7> 9u«-ne^i m. rAa, t t far \“ Oi. ' ~ y7

/s/;/,L/rZ. A, Xa/ , X 5 ./_,/- "rtS . X? S&XiaA ZX/// Z* /?

^ ^ T&Xfiu* -zis^

7? a* s^x-^cA t //%

Uu^z/ f /y.z . ^ x/fcZ/ | ^

, fowctaM d**n / Ota^ Z //. ^ |

//u/MA/ //x &/h ui/ u'a*^/ 2^ ! /C

^ J^/ tXAX/ X/sut /fix// h^i/s /%

fafifix A fx^i. ///a

/J!/ &** ^ xfifi

Thomas A. Edison* Esq.,

Orange, N.

Dear Sir!-

I have been informed that you are desirous of obtaining a mine of .auriferous iron pyrites and as I have a property of that

kind I will leave a sample of the ore at your laboratory with this

letter. Tho ore according to Messrs. E. Balbach & Son's assay carries .aixlsaa dollars & sixty three cents per .ion of .g0fi2 lbs.

I have from five to seven tons of the ore hero that you may have

if you so desire. This lot of ore I had sent on as a sample and I

am expecting to form a company for smelting it: but I understand that you have a cheaper process, so I should be pleased to hear from you on the subject.

The mine is in Chile, where I have been for The Edison Electric Light Co. for the past five years. The vein is nearly vertical and is explored by two tunnels, one about 100 metres and the other 200 metres long, said tunnels are about 30 metres apart, the vein is from 6, to £ feet thick and with modern machinery can readily turn out one hundred tons of ore daily, 3uch as sample.

The location of the mine is very favorable, being only 1000 metres from the main line of railway in Chile, the climate is

( X. A. E. 2.)

good and common labor very cheap*

Should you. feel interested in the subject I ah&uld bo pleased to give you further particulars*

Very Truly Yours.

y/OTAs cw


@7/$. ~L <'~"' (* , cr~

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O^COcuv C*J) .

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d(t\/ C. CotA/ jdsO&/Ts\^ ^ iJCcAA/ as<1/ cohi/eoyo

SUry^J; cj^o^ ^A^r-tUA* #J&) yit/<UAf€A^

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j ^/VotZy {fifiisi^sr^c/s^

YH '

Telephone 3663 .